12" Round Electric Skillet

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Deni 12" Round Electric Skillet - Stainless Steel

Cook delicious meals for you and your family or friends when you make them on the Deni 12" Round Electric Skillet (8275). This large skillet has a 2 quart capacity, allowing you to cook meals for 2-3 people at a time, which is perfect for smaller family households. The stainless steel housing of the skillet gives it a stylish look, and can match the rest of your pots and pans with ease, while the stainless steel handles make it easy to keep the skillet gripped in your hands. A removable temperature control dial lets you know the exact temperature of the heat to give you accurate cooking information, and the dial ranges from 225 to 425 degrees F.

Included with the skillet is a tempered glass lid that has cool touch handles and a stainless steel rim, and the lid allows you to view your meal without having to take it off of the pan, which will help keep the heat sealed inside to further cook the food. With a solid cooking construction, this skillet distributes the heat evenly and quickly throughout, cooking your meal thoroughly. The skillet and lid are both dishwasher safe (excluding the thermostat), which makes cleaning up much easier than most cooking utensils, giving you a break from scrubbing and scraping. Perfect for any amateur or professional chef, this skillet will make you master of the kitchen in no time.

  • Dishwasher Safe:

    As a dishwasher safe utensil, cleaning will be a breeze and require way less time than conventional cleaning

  • Temperature Dial Included:

    The included temperature dial thermostat will keep track of the cooking temperature accurately so you won't have to

  • Stainless Steel:

    Made of a high quality stainless steel, this skillet is durable and will look great in any kitchen