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Oscillating Tower Heater

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Oscillating Tower Heater - Open Box

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This "Open Box" product is in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified "Open Box". All "Open Box" units include a 90 day parts & labor warranty through the original manufacturer and are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return. *Note – units manufactured by Danby do not include the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please review our main “returns & refunds” page for full details.

EdgeStar Oscillating Tower Heater - Black and Acrylic


Both versatile and easy to use, you can turn any space into a cozy haven with the EdgeStar Oscillating Tower Heater (HT200BLOB). A touch LED control panel set up in an attractive circular display allows you to operate this heater to your personal preferences. In a sleek black and acrylic encasement, this heater offers a modern look as it transforms up to 225 sq. ft. around it into a comfortable and warm environment.

  • Oscillation Feature:

    Simply by touching the OSC button, the heater will move side to side resulting in evenly distributed heat throughout the room

  • Temperature Range:

    The wide temperature range for which you can set the heater to warm your space is 59° to 95°F, giving you the opportunity to find the perfect level of warmth

  • High & Low Settings:

    Simply touch the MODE button to switch operation from high to low or vice versa, altering the level to which you would like the heat production discharged

  • Remote Control:

    For your added convenience, all of the features are available for your control from anywhere in the room using the included remote

  • Tip Over Safety Switch:

    The safety of you and your loved ones is ensured while using the Tip Over Switch, which makes it so that this unit will only function while it is upright and will automatically shut off if it is not