Electric Wine Preserver

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Epicureanist Electric Wine Preserver - Black

Preserve your wine even after it's been opened with the Epicureanist Electric Wine Preserver (EP-VACSEAL2). Made to fit most standard bottles of wine, this electric wine preserving system will remove excess air from your bottle and place a vacuum tight seal. Included are two (2) bottle stoppers with date stamps to let you know when the seal was placed on the bottle. The charging station uses an AC/DC adapter and a green indicator light indicates to you that the unit is fully charged and ready for use.

  • Wine Preservation:

    This wine preservation system will suction excess air out of your wine and place a vacuum tight seal on your bottle, ensuring a great tasting wine even after opening

  • Charging Station:

    The included charging station uses an AC/DC adapter and features a green indicator light to let you know when the preserver is ready for use

  • Fits Standard Bottles:

    The two (2) included wine preservation stoppers fit most 750 mL standard wine bottles


  • Model: EP-VACSEAL2
    Epicureanist Electric Wine Preserver
  • Brand: Epicureanist
  • Keeps wine fresh after opened
    Recharging base
  • Vacuum seal
    Charger indicator light
  • Two (2) reusable stoppers w/ date stamps
    AC/DC adapter
  • Fits most 750 mL bottles
    Dimensions: 8.88" H x 3.5" W x 3.75" D