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CHILL Cooling Pour Spout

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CHILL Cooling Pour Spout

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HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout - Green

The HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout (HST2952) offers an easy way to chill, pour, and preserve your bottle of wine. After only two hours in the freezer this device will chill both red and white wines perfectly. The built-in drip-free pour spout allows the wine to cool while you pour. Keeping your half-full bottle fresh is easy with the integrated leak-proof stopper. The CHILL's cooling rod will do all the work while you relax, allowing you to enjoy effortlessly chilled wine.

  • Chill:

    Placing this compact device in the freezer for a mere two hours allows you to cool your wine bottle to a perfectly chilled temperature

  • Pour:

    The spout's design allows you to fill as many wine glasses as you desire, while the bottle still chills

  • Preserve:

    The integrated leak-proof stopper ensures that you'll never have to pour out unused wine again