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TWIST Adjustable Aerator

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TWIST Adjustable Aerator

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HOST TWIST Adjustable Aerator

You'll never again have to wait hours for your wine's bouquet to open up when you purchase the HOST TWIST Adjustable Aerator (HST2474). Winner of the 2013 Housewares Design Award, this innovative aerator is able to instantly have the same effect on your wine as up to six (6) hours of decanting. The integrated strainer is able to remove unwanted sediment from your aged wines, while the aeration system softens tannins and improves the flavor. Simply twist the stainless steel band to select a setting from 1 to 6, pour your wine through, and enjoy instantly decanted wine.

  • Instantly Aerates:

    Simply pour your wine through this innovative aerator and you will be able to experience a perfectly decanted glass of wine

  • Removes Sediment:

    The integrated strainer automatically removes unwanted sediment from aged wines

  • Adjustable:

    Set the aerator to instantly open up your wine to the same degree as 1 to 6 hours of decanting