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Single Inline Ice Machine Filter

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Single Inline Ice Machine Filter

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Ice-O-Matic Single Inline Ice Machine Filter - 1/4" Compression

Increase the efficiency and longevity of your ice machine using the Ice-O-Matic Single Inline Ice Machine Filter with 1/4" Compression (IFI4C). Designed to not only provide you with great-tasting ice but also reduce your need for service calls, this ice maker is an essential ice machine component.

  • Great-Tasting Ice:

    This inline filter removes unwanted tastes and odors, leaving you with great-tasting, pure ice

  • IsoNet Scale Inhibitor:

    The patented IsoNet Scale Inhibitor technology prevents lime-scale and other unwanted buildups that cause corrosion and maintenance issues

  • Sediment Filtration:

    No need to worry about unwanted sediment making its way into your ice, this filtration system removes even tiny pieces of sediment

  • Ideal for Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines:

    This filter system is ideal for use in conjunction with these specific Ice-O-Matic models - ICEU070, ICEU150, ICEU220, ICEU226, ICEU300, ICE0250, ICE0320, ICE0400, ICE0406, ICE0500, ICE0520, ICE0606, MF10500, EF250, EF450, GEMU090, GEMD270, GEMD520, GEMD540, GEMD790, GEM0450

  • Increased Efficiency:

    This filter is proven to provide you with a more efficient, harder-working, longer-lasting ice machine