Kalorik PPG37241 $39.99

Gravity Pepper & Salt Grinders

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Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.


Gravity Pepper & Salt Grinders

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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Kalorik Gravity Pepper & Salt Grinders - Stainless Steel

Keep cooking while you spice up your foods with the Kalorik Gravity Pepper & Salt Grinders (PPG37241). These automatic grinders allow for easy one-hand operation: all you have to do is hold it over the food you want seasoned, and it does the rest for you! So you can keep cooking and preparing your meal while still grinding spices, letting you do two things at once. The stainless steel finish of these grinders help them to blend in to the decor of your kitchen or dining room, and will look great wherever they stand.

Refilling these grinders is a snap: just lift the grinder caps on the top and fill it with more of the same spice. You can also substitute it with other spices for even more of a cooking versatility, and you'll be able to season your foods with just about anything! Each grinder can be adjusted to determine how fine the grounds are, and you can adjust them from ultra-fine for light seasoning all the way up to course grounds for cooking meats. These grinders are perfect for any level of chef, and they will be sure to be a large help in the kitchen.

  • Automatic Grinder:

    This grinder automatically grinds for you, making it simple to operate with just one hand

  • Refilling & Replacing:

    Spices are easy to refill and replace by just popping the grinder cap and pouring the spices inside the mill

  • Ground Adjustment:

    You can adjust the fineness of the grounds on each mill, giving you more versatility for cooking