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Standard 30,000 BTU Single Zone Inverter Mini-Split

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Standard 30,000 BTU Single Zone Inverter Mini-Split

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LG Standard 30,000 BTU Single Zone Inverter Mini-Split - White

The LG Standard 30,000 BTU Single Zone Inverter Mini-Split (LS307HV3) is one of the most efficient mini-split air systems you'll find. The unit adapts to draw only as much energy as it needs, saving you money by greatly reducing energy consumption rates. To maximize ease-of-use, LG has included a full-function LCD remote control that allows you to operate every function of your mini-split air system from wherever is convenient for you. Make the LG Standard Single Zone Inverter Mini-Split your first choice for its completely automated operation, increased air conditioning effectiveness, exceptional efficiency, and a classic design with a purpose.

  • Classic Design:

    The unit comes in a classic and understated white finish that looks great in any environment. The feature-packed indoor air controller connects to the outdoor compressor with small diameter copper piping and electrical wiring so there's no need for ducts of any kind

  • Variable-Speed Compressor with Inverter Technology:

    The outdoor compressor unit features variable-speed inverter technology that actively adjusts to the needs of the air system. It achieves an amazing Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 18 by using a single-compressor system

  • Wireless LCD Remote Control:

    Comes with a full-feature remote control with an LCD screen that displays all operation-related information

  • Chaos Wind Feature:

    A unique mode that automatically adjusts airflow to create an indoor environment with pleasant and natural air currents similar to those you'd experience outdoors

  • Performance:

    Designed with an internal heat pump, this model's air system is capable of providing up to 32,000 BTUs of heating power in addition to 30,000 BTUs of cooling power

  • Air Purification:

    The Plasma Air Purifying System uses four (4) stages of air filtration and an electronically-driven air purifier to create much cleaner and healthier air that's devoid of contaminants big and small.

Note: All LG mini-split air systems should be installed by a professional HVAC technician. You can find a local contractor trained in LG Duct-Free Split systems by visiting www.lghomeair.com.