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Articles for Wine Refrigerators

Wine Refrigerator Types

Wine Refrigerator Types Freestanding wine coolers are a great choice for many wine enthusiasts. They offer flexibility in that they can be placed virtually anywhere in the home, whether it's in a corner in the basement or in a spot more suited to showing off your collection.

Wine Storage Temperature

Wine Storage Temperature Many people love the taste of wines and never give much of a thought as to how they should be preserved and stored. However, taking the time to learn the basics of storing wines will not only help keep them preserved for a longer period of time, but will allow them to taste better.

Pairing Wine and Food

Pairing Wine and Food While there are some rules about matching wines with food, it is important to satisfy your own tastes first. Red wines are usually recommended for heavier meals, especially those including red meat such as beef or lamb. Lighter-bodied reds can also go great with pork and poultry...

Wine Memberships: Wine at Your Door Year-Round

Wine Memberships: Wine at Your Door Year-Round There’s nothing more exciting than having a package waiting for you at your door, even though chances are you paid for whatever is waiting in that box, it’s like opening a gift that you’ve never seen or touched before. So, you can only imagine the excitement of opening a package of wine, that’s right - wine delivered to your door!

Wine Types

Wine Types Red wines are produced using around 40 red grape varietals grown all around the world. The following list is of the major varietals used today. Pinot Noir grapes produce some of the best wines that are rich and complex, with hints of cherries, berries, earth and spice.

Parts and Features

Parts and Features Opposite to the traditional compressor-based cooling and refrigerant, a thermoelectric wine cooler will contain a cooling node – simply a ceramic tile through which an electric current passes. As the current passes through the cooling node, the outside of the tile heats up while the inside cools down.

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