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Heaters Warm-Up Outdoor Spaces

Warm up your Outdoor Spaces

Many of us consider our outdoor patio, porch, deck, or backyard an extension of our home during the warm summer months. As fall approaches, families typically retreat inside and are unable to use the wonderful outdoor spaces they have worked so hard to create. One way to rejuvenate outdoor spaces during the fall and into the winter months is by adding a warming element like a fire pit, chiminea or patio heater.

Choosing the right outdoor heater depends on your style, space, and climate. A fire pit adds a design element to your space while also offering a gathering effect especially since they provide a 360 degree access to the fire. Some units use gel fuel while others are intended to burn real wood.

Chiminea’s provide a great focal point for your outdoor living space while creating a cozy campfire feel for your friends and family to gather around. The smoke stack allows the chiminea to burn wood efficiently, producing less smoke. One word of caution, because chimineas are typically made of clay or terra cotta they can crack if used in extremely cold temperatures. It’s best to avoid using them if the temperature drops below 40 degrees.

For colder climates, a wall mounted patio heater or a freestanding heater provides your biggest bang for your buck in terms or heat output.

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