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How a Portable Ice Maker Works

How a Portable Ice Maker Works

Many people wonder, “How does a portable ice maker work?” Of course you must first pour water into the reservoir. Be sure not to fill it past the “MAX” water mark. After water is added and the unit is powered on, the ice making will begin. Here is a brief explanation of exactly how a portable ice maker produces ice:

1. The ice maker moves its rotating ice tra into a horizontal position.
2. Water is pumped into the ice tray.
3. The freeze cycle then begins during which the compressor is engaged and pumps refrigerant as the fan turns on.
4. A stainless steel evaporator provides the mold for the bullet shaped ice.
5. Once the ice is fully formed, the freeze cycle ends and the harvest cycle begins.
6. A valve opens and the hot refrigerant is released into the evaporator.
7. The heat impacts the evaporator and allows for the cubes to slide off the evaporator.
8. The ice is then released into the ice bin while the ice case moves back into place to make more ice.

The process will continue until the bin is full.

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