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How to Clean Your Ice Maker

How to Clean Your Ice MakerIn order to keep your ice machine running and performing at its best, it is important that you regularly clean the internal components of your machine. An obvious indicator that your machine is due for a cleaning is the size of the ice cubes being smaller than usual or the appearance of the ice being cloudy and soft.

What Should I Use to Clean My
Ice Maker?

When cleaning your ice machine, it is important to use a good ice machine cleaner that is also nickel-safe, allowing the cleaner to be used on a variety of ice machine types. In addition to being nickel-safe, the ice machine cleaner you select should have the capability to remove
and prevent future build-up from lime scale, hard water, and algae. Your ice machine should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months to prevent future problems and to ensure that your ice remains tasting clean, fresh,
and flavorless.

Simple Steps to Clean Your Ice Machine

1. Turn off and unplug the ice machine.
2. Make sure any water supply to the machine is turned off.
3. Empty and discard of all ice and water in the machine.
4. Remove all parts that come in contact with ice from the machine.
5. Wash and sanitize in 1 part ice machine cleaner and 3 parts water.
6. Rinse thoroughly in clean water.
7. Reassemble the machine, wipe all exposed surfaces and let air dry.
8. Restart the machine and discard the first batch of ice produced.

Whether you have a compact portable ice maker or a large commercial unit, making cleaning your ice maker part of your maintenance routine will result in great tasting, fresh ice you can enjoy all year long.

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