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Ice Chewing

Ice ChewingThere are basically two types of people in the world: people who chew ice and those who don’t. The reasons for chewing ice are almost as varied as the types of ice that people like to chew. Fun, boredom, stress relief and taste are among the top reasons, but according to health professionals, there could be other factors behind ice chewing.

What Experts Say

The Mayo Clinic website states that “craving and chewing ice (pagophagia) is often associated with iron deficiency anemia.” The most prevalent example of this is with pregnant ice chewers. Pregnancy is commonly associated with iron deficiencies, and many women who chew ice testify that their habit began during pregnancy and was never dropped. If you are an ice chewer and have low levels of iron in your diet, we recommend consulting a physician.

We know, of course, that ice chewing isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, chewing ice can be a great stress reliever. Many chewers simply like the feel and taste.

Ice Chewing Recipes

Ice chewers are often very particular about the type and style of ice they consume. Though many chewers prefer nugget ice, often referred to as “Sonic ice,” there is no one particular ice shape that satisfies all ice chewers. In fact, some people even have their own “recipes” for making ice to chew. Some of these recipes are quite involved, stating a particular brand of water to use and particular ways of crushing the ice.

You Are Not Alone

If you are an ice chewer, and feel alone, don’t fret! Check out the forum, icechewing.com, for an online community of fellow ice chewers. You will find many stories of how people got started chewing ice, why they chew ice, and ice chewing tips.

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