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Portable Air Conditioner FAQs

What factors should I consider when looking for a portable air conditioner?

BTUs/Room Size - A portable air conditioner’s BTUs tell you how powerful the unit is. This directly affects the room size and how quickly the unit will be able to cool. The higher the BTU, the larger the area the portable air conditioner can cool.

Single or Dual Hose Design - Single-hosed units expel warm air and moisture and are easy to install. Double-hosed units, which are also fairly easy to install, expel warm air and moisture while simultaneously pulling in more air to cool.

Noise Level - Paying attention to a portable air conditioner’s noise level (or dB level) is important when looking for a quiet unit to use in a bedroom or home office. Most portable air conditioner’s range between 48 dB (the sound level of falling rain) and 60 dB (the sound level of a normal conversation).

Do portable air conditioners have to be vented?

Yes. Because portable air conditioners exhaust heat and moisture from the back, you must vent that exhaust into an area other than the one being cooled.

How do I vent my portable air conditioner?

The most convenient venting option is through a window or sliding door. Portable air conditioners arrive with all the necessary materials for easy window venting. If you have a large window or a sliding door, easy-to-use vent kits are available for those applications, as well. If window venting is impossible, drop ceiling vent kits are also available and easy to install. For more information on venting instructions, visit our installation instructions page.

Will my portable air conditioner collect water?

Since portable air conditioners pull heat and moisture out of the air, water will sometimes collect inside a reservoir in the unit. This reservoir can be drained manually, using an external drain line or by incorporating a drain pump. If you would prefer not to deal with draining water, some units have a self-evaporative technology in which the all the moisture is expelled through the exhaust hose.

Are portable air conditioners energy efficient?

Portable air conditioners cost anywhere from 74¢ to little over $1 a day for continuous usage. By cooling specific areas , your portable air conditioner gives you the freedom to use your central air conditioning system less, if at all, which will significantly lower your energy costs.

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