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Portable Ice Makers

Ice Maker portable Portable ice makers generally are compact in size, do not need a permanent water line, plug into any standard 110V outlet, and only need water poured into them to operate. Portable ice makers will make ice very quickly (in as little as 6 minutes), however, they are not freezers and thus will not keep the ice frozen for any length of time. The ice will melt, and the machine will continuously recycle the water to make more ice. Also, these small models can only hold a tiny fraction of their full ice making capacity (up to 35 lbs. per day), so you will need to empty them frequently if you need more ice to be made.

One of the best uses for a portable ice maker is its ability to be easily moved between the kitchen, rec-room, bar, patio, poolside, etc. Their small size also makes them great companions while camping, during picnics, tailgaiting, boating, or any other outdoor application.

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