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Wine Memberships: Wine at Your Door Year-Round

Wine at Your Door Year Round

There’s nothing more exciting than having a package waiting for you at your door, even though chances are you paid for whatever is waiting in that box, it’s like opening a gift that you’ve never seen or touched before. So, you can only imagine the excitement of opening a package of wine, that’s right—wine delivered to your door!

Selecting wine can be a bit daunting, especially when you’re forced to consider others' tastes and preferences. However, selecting a winery or a winemaker alleviates a lot of the guesswork involved. Once you’ve found a winery that produces wine you consistently love, why not have them conveniently delivered to your door? The majority of wineries now offer wine clubs that offer their members direct-to-consumer shipments, eliminating the distributor and providing you with the option of getting wine delivered to your door or picking it up on your next visit.

I recently received my first shipment from one of my favorite Oregon wineries, Erath. They are known for producing some of the most divine Pinots of the Oregon region and their Single Vineyard label is undoubtedly one of my personal favorites. Aside from receiving your specified number of wine shipments, wine club memberships grant your several benefits, including: discounted wine purchases, exclusive invitations to winery events, private VIP tastings, and complimentary wine flights during your tasting room visits.

Though the largest number of direct-to-consumer wine shipments contain wine from single wineries and winemakers, there has been a large entry of third-party retailers selling wine online to customers looking for a more personalized experience. This platform allows customers the flexibility to select from a variety of wine types made by numerous winemakers and is targeted toward someone who considers themselves a casual drinker and not so much a wine snob. Currently on my radar is Naked Wines, they provide a podium for winemakers to sell their wines at discounted rates to customers around the world. Joining their club allows members the ability to recommend wines, utilize reviews written by other members, and receive discounts on premium wine products.

So, whether you are an avid collector, drinker or just looking for a perfect wine lover’s gift, winemakers and wineries are making enjoying and giving wine much more convenient. Next time you are scavenging through the grocery aisles or searching for a convenient store to pick up a wine pairing, consider the benefits of a wine club membership. It doesn’t get much better than arriving at a doorstep with a box full of some of your favorite wines.

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