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Ice Makers Learning Center

Ice Maker Learning CenterLook no further, we’ve compiled the most comprehensive information on Ice Makers found anywhere online. Our knowledgeable and expert staff test and compare the latest Ice Maker features and models so you don’t have to.

With such a large abundance of different ice types, ice maker manufacturers, applications and models, it is important to know the basics, so you can choose the ice maker that will best meet your needs.

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Latest Articles

Portable Ice Makers

Portable Ice Makers One of the best uses for a portable ice maker is its ability to be easily moved between the kitchen, rec-room, bar, patio, poolside, etc. Their small size also makes them great companions while camping, during picnics, tailgaiting, boating, or any other outdoor application.

Under the Counter Ice Maker

Under the Counter Ice Maker As the name implies, Undercounter Ice Makers are designed with front ventilation to allow them to be built in or between cabinetry. Built-in ice makers should be installed by a professional plumber.

The Benefits of Clear Ice

The Benefits of Clear Ice Have you ever noticed something different about the ice typically served in cocktails or at a nice restaurant? You are probably noticing that they are using clear ice. Clear ice, commonly referred to as “restaurant quality ice,” has a number of benefits.

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