P3 International

Super Sonic Molechaser®

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

P3 International Super Sonic Molechaser®

The Super Sonic Molechaser® (P3-P7907) eliminates your common burrowing rodent problem quickly and humanely without affecting pets or disturbing your land’s appearance. It works by releasing sonic pulses into the ground every 15 seconds, irritating rodents and effectively eliminating unwanted infestations. Choose from two operating modes: regular or super sonic. In super sonic mode, the unit uses extra power to combat heavy infestation.

This device is safe, environmentally friendly and eliminates the use of dangerous poisons and traps around children and pets. To install, simply load with four D cell alkaline batteries, insert the molechaser into the ground as deep as desired (it can be buried fully) and flip the switch to the proper power level. Be sure to re-tighten the top cover once in the ground to prevent the possibility of water leakage or damage.

  • Coverage Area:

    The Super Sonic Molechaser® operates in a circular pattern (120 ft in diameter), emitting a 300 Hz sonic pulse every 15 seconds. The average coverage area is approximately 11,250 square feet (1/4 acre)

  • Two Operational Modes:

    Depending on the level of infestation, the Super Sonic Molechaser® can be set to either "LONG" (long battery life mode) or "NRML" (super sonic mode) with the flip of a switch. The unit should generally be set to "LONG" mode for constant use, super sonic mode should be used for more serious problems

  • Battery Life:

    Replace the four D batteries once every 10-12 months (in long-life mode), or every 4-6 months (when using super sonic mode)

  • Easy Installation:

    The unit can be inserted flush with your lawn or buried completely so that it is virtually invisible. In addition, the mode switch can be adjusted and the batteries can be changed without removing the unit from the ground


  • Model: P3-P7907
    Uses sonic pulses (300 Hz every 15 seconds)
  • Brand: P3 International
    Operates in circular pattern (approx. 120 sq. ft.)
  • Battery-powered rodent chaser
    Total coverage area: 11,250 Sq. Feet (1/4 acre)
  • Repels moles, gophers and other burrowing rodents
    Uses four D cell alkaline batteries
  • Rodents are repelled unharmed, does not affect pets
    Battery life: 10-12 months (long life mode), 4-6 months (super sonic mode)
  • Insert flush with lawn or bury completely
    Power: 1.5V
  • Change mode and batteries without removing from ground
    Weight: 11.5 oz.
  • Guaranteed for life
    Dimensions: 16" L x 2" Diameter
  • P3 International Super Sonic Molechaser®