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PanStand Washer Overflow Pan

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Engineered Laundry

PanStand Washer Overflow Pan

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Pan Stand Washer Overflow Pan

The PanStand Washer Overflow Pan (PS-2405BF) is a space saving solution for your laundry unit that not only protects your space from leaks, but also adds nearly effortless mobility. The pedestal has a six (6) gallon reservoir in the event of a water leak, and when connected to a shop-vac can be moved easily into place or out of the way for cleaning.

  • Space Saving:

    PanStand fits perfectly to the bottom of your laundry units whereas normal drain pans take up extra floor space

  • Adds Mobility:

    Attach a shop-vac to the PanStand to effortlessly move your laundry unit into place or out of the way for cleaning

  • Safety Drain Pan:

    The pedestal doubles as a reservoir that can hold six (6) gallons of water in the event of a leak

  • Installation:

    There is no plumbing required which makes installation fast and easy

  • Compatibility:

    PanStand is compatible with all 24" GE, Whirlpool, LG, ASKO, Bosch, Summit, Fagor, and Ariston laundry units

Note: For added protection from water leaks, order the Safety Pump Kit (PK-1000)

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