Tablets for Condensate Drain Pan

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Pro-Treat Anti Scale Build Up Tablets For Humidifiers And Condensate Drain Pumps

Pro-Treat Tablets for Condensate Drain Pumps and Pans clean existing drain pan accumulations and prevent future build ups. With a large quantity of 200 tablets, these tablets will allow you to maintain your drain system for quite some time. Great for dehumidifiers and humidifiers or any other appliance that drains condensate, Pro-Treat tablets are effective in preventing odors and scale build up the reservoirs and water buckets of your units. This system can also prevent drain pan overflows, as well as the resulting water damage. Pro-Treat tablets are completely soluble and easy to use. They are non-corrosive and non-toxic. When used regularly these tablets will assure season-long, trouble-free condensate drain pan performance.


  • Model: PT-200
    Pro-Treat Tablets for Condensate Drain Pumps
  • 200 Tablets
    Control odors
  • Reduces scale build up
    Controls water damage
  • Eliminates condensate pan overflows
    For use with condensate pans and pumps
  • For use in humidifier reservoirs & drain pans
    16 oz. jar

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