Scotsman CU3030

Prodigy 300 Lbs, 30" Self Contained Ice Machine

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Prodigy 300 Lbs, 30" Self Contained Ice Machine

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Scotsman Prodigy 300 Lbs, 30" Wide, Self Contained, Air Cooled Ice Maker

The Scotsman Prodigy CU3030 self-contained, air-cooled ice machine produces small or medium cubed ice. It adapts to numerous under counter applications and will fit under any 40" counter. A slide-away access door provides convenient and easy access to ice.

Prodigy under counter cubers use significantly less energy and water than other cube ice machines, exceeding California and Federal energy efficiency regulations. Its Auto-Alert indicator lights will constantly communicate operating status and will clearly signal your staff when it's time to descale, sanitize, and other routine maintenance functions. Meanwhile the WaterSense adaptive purge control reduces build up making these cleanings less frequent.

When it is time for preventative maintenance, it's simpler than ever as The Scotsman Prodigy's easily-removed door, top panel and storage bin allows for clear access to all internal components. Should anything go awry, a diagnostic code display removes any guess work meaning you'll get the right fix the first time.

Installation note: Allow 6" minimum space at left side and back for ventilation and utility connections.