vinovino Champagne Flutes - S/4

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Spiegelau vinovino Champagne Flutes

Beautifully crafted yet surprisingly durable, the Spiegelau vinovino Champagne Flutes (4380175) are essential pieces to start or complete your stemware collection. These lead-free crystal glasses have an elegant pulled stem and beautifully shaped bowl, which are indicative of Spiegelau's unique vinovino line. Designed specifically to enhance sparkling wines, the bowl shape is crafted to give you optimal exposure to the wine's taste and aroma.

  • Varietal Specific:

    These champagne flutes are designed specifically to enhance your sparkling wines

  • Beautifully Crafted:

    Made of platinum-infused lead-free crystal, these champagne flutes are elegant to the eye yet durable enough to be deemed dishwasher-safe

  • vinovino Collection:

    Part of Spiegelau's vinovino line, these glasses have a gorgeous pulled stem design and unique bowl shape


  • Model: 4380175
    Spiegelau vinovino Champagne Flutes
  • Brand: Spiegelau
    Set of 4
  • Sparkling wine specific
    Lead-free crystal
  • Pulled stem
    Large capacity
  • Durable design
    Platinum infused
  • Dishwasher safe
    Capacity: 7.40 oz.
  • Machine made
    Dimensions: 9" H x 3.33" D