Baby Huey Evaporative Humidifier

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Vornado Baby Huey Evaporative Humidifier

Wrapped in an adorable yet elegant design, the Vornado Baby Huey Evaporative Humidifier (HU1-0044-59) prioritizes baby safety without sacrificing function. Its attractive off-white and green case features no sharp edges, a design that eliminates pinch-points, and an extra-wide base that proves topple-resistant against the pulling and pushing of a playful toddler. Thanks to locking controls, the humidifier stays set against the curious presses of tiny fingers. And a cord management system helps keep excess power cord from sitting out.

But the Vornado Baby Huey Evaporative Humidifier isn’t just designed for children; it’s designed for parents. In addition to being incredibly easy to refill, the 32-ounce water reservoir also features a spill-resistant design that won’t leave water everywhere. An easy-to-see refill reminder lights up whenever reservoir levels get low, and a filter-replacement notification light alerts parents just the same. The humidifier’s ability to output 1 gallon a day in combination with a 12- to 16-hour runtime ensures that nurseries never get overly dry.

  • Child safe:

    Topple-resistant, pinch-free, and rounded design

  • Convenient reservoir:

    Water reservoir is easy-to-fill and spill-resistant

  • Locking controls:

    Child-lock switch prevents curious hands from altering controls

  • Day-in, day-out:

    Humidifier outputs a gallon day with a runtime of 12 to 16 hours

  • Evaporative:

    Evaporative operation won’t produce mist or white dust

  • Adjustable settings:

    Two fan speeds and five humidity settings for any situation


  • Model: HU1-0044-59
    Vornado Baby Huey Evaporative Humidifier
  • Brand: Vornado
    Fan speeds: 2
  • Child-safe design
    Humidity settings: 5
  • No pinch points
    Tank capacity: 32 oz
  • Topple-resistant
    Coverage: 180 sq ft
  • Child lock switch
    Output: 1 gallon/day
  • Power cord wrap
    White noise settings
  • Evaporative
    Cord length: 6 ft
  • No mist
    Plug: 2-pin polarized
  • Easy-to-fill tank
    Volts: 120v
  • Spill-resistant basin
    Max watts: 10
  • Refill reminder
    Max amps: 0.11
  • Run time: 12-16 hours
    Max CFM: 23
  • Control style: electronic
    Weight: 6.1 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years
    Dimensions: 11.8" H x 9.8" W x 13.2" D