VFAN Vintage Air Circulator - Red

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Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator - Red

You can have a refreshing breeze running through your home at the twist of a knob. The Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator - Red (Red) has the power to circulate the air with 3 powerful fan speeds. Its dual air cone design gives it Vornado’s signature vortex action to keep the air fresh and moving. You can trust that this air circulator will last for years to come thanks to its all metal construction. You’ll adore the stunning vintage style to add flair to any setting.

  • Reliable Use:

    This air circulator features Vornado’s signature vortex action with 3 fans speeds.

  • Durable Design:

    It’s made to last and last thanks to its durable metal construction.

  • Stunning Style:

    Harkening back to times passed, this air circulator has a stunning vintage look that you’ll adore.


  • Model: VFAN-Red
    Vornado VFAN Vintage Air Circulator - Red
  • Brand: Vornado
    Full-action pivot head
  • 3 fan speeds
    Deep-pitched blades
  • Stunning vintage look in a lovely red finish
    High-Speed RPM: 1650
  • Durable metal construction
    Low-Speed RPM: 680
  • Signature vortex action
    Input Voltage: 120 V/ 60 Hz
  • Mechanical switch
    Weight: 8.06 lbs
  • Warranty: 5-Year Limited
    Dimensions: 13.82”H x 11.79”W x 8.12”D