Zwiesel 1872 Rouge Decanter - 1 Liter  Model:0019109546


  • Height: 11.9"
  • Diameter: 8.5"
  • Zwiesel 1872 Rouge Decanter - 1 Liter
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    Description & Highlights

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    Zwiesel 1872 Rouge Decanter - 1 Liter

    Enhance and serve your fine wines using the Zwiesel 1872 Rouge Decanter (0019109546). This timelessly and elegantly designed decanter is both handmade and mouth blown with precision, style and delicacy. Stronger than most glassware, Zwiesel's glassware is made without the use of lead, instead using titanium and zirconium in its crystal. This decanter is not only break, scratch and etch resistant but is also brilliant and clear.

    • Handmade Glassware:

      Both handmade and mouth blown, this elegant decanter is made with precision and delicacy

    • Strong Crystal:

      Made with components such as titanium and zirconium, this lead-free crystal is break, scratch and etch resistant

    • Clarity & Brilliance:

      Unsurpassed brilliance and clarity in this decanter is designed to withstand the test of use and time

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: 0019109546
    • Brand: Zwiesel 1872
    • Handmade, mouth blown
    • Break resistant
    • Scratch & etch resistant
    • Zwiesel 1872 Rouge Decanter
    • Lead-free crystal
    • Made in Germany
    • 33.8 oz. (1 liter)
    • Dimensions: 11.9" H x 8.5" D

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