An Air Cooler Or Air Circulator Maximizes Portable Air Conditioning Cooling Power

A portable air conditioner is great for cooling down a single room of pretty much any size. However, an air cooler or air circulator can significantly increase a portable air conditioner's cooling power.

An air cooler, also known as a swamp or evaporative cooler, essentially blows air over a wick filled with water. This produces air that is cooler than the surrounding air around it. Air coolers are primarily used to spot cool an area. Portable air conditioners are very good at cooling the general room, but for some areas that tend to be warmer, such as an area bathed in sunlight, an air cooler may be the perfect complement to your portable air conditioner.

An air circulator is designed to help move air around. Not to be confused with a fan, circulators can help balance uneven temperatures within the room. For example, a room tends to have cooler areas closer to the floor and warmer areas higher up. Air circulators do a great job of balancing the temperatures in a room and can maintain a consistent cool temperature throughout. Coupled with a portable air conditioner, air circulators can help maintain even temperatures throughout the entire room.