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Ice Makers: A Basic Overview

With such a large abundance of different ice types, ice maker manufacturers, applications and models, it is important to know the basics, so you can choose the ice maker that will best meet your needs.

Commercial Units are most commonly used in bars, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets and convenient stores. Residential Ice Makers, specifically built-in and undercounter ice makers, are perfect for people who either love to entertain or who love a specific type of ice. Portable Ice Makers are great for on-the-go or small living spaces (i.e. boats, RVs, dorms, and small apartments). A portable ice maker is also a great alternative to not having an integrated ice maker in your refrigerator.

How They Work

Despite the different types of ice makers, the ice making process is generally the same. Water enters the ice maker either manually or from an exterior supply line and is then funneled into a refrigerated ice tray where the water will then be frozen, layer by layer, and formed into ice cubes. Once frozen and formed, a mild heating element then loosens the ice from the tray so it can then fall into its collection bin.