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Portable Air Conditioners: The Top 3 Questions

When shopping for a portable air conditioner, it is normal to have a few questions. After over a decade of getting to know this versatile product, we want to be able to answer your questions before you even get the chance to ask them. Based on our experience, here are the top 3 frequently asked questions and their answers.

Do all portable air conditioners need to vent?

The short answer is yes. Much like any air conditioning system, all portable air conditioners need to be vented in some form or fashion. Portable air conditioners pull in warm air, cool it, and expel the cooled air out of the front of the unit and the remaining warm air and moisture out of the back of the unit. It is this warm air and moisture that needs to be vented out of the room you are currently cooling. The easiest and most popular way to vent your portable air conditioner is through a nearby window, which is why each and every portable air conditioner we offer on our site includes an easy-to-use window snap kit.

What happens to the moisture that is pulled out of the air?

Since portable air conditioners pull moisture as well as heat out of the air, many people are concerned about where the water goes. Many units, specifically all EdgeStar and Koldfront portable air conditioners, have self-evaporative technology. This innovative technology internally processes and evaporates the collected moisture and then exhausts it out of the back of the unit. In climates that are extra humid, some water may collect in a reservoir located inside the unit. In this case, you can either manually empty the reservoir when it is full or use the integrated gravity drain. With that said, due to recent advancements in portable air conditioner technology, the need to drain is very rare.

How noisy is a portable air conditioner?

Because of the differences in personal preference, this can be a hard question to answer. Since portable air conditioners contain both a compressor and fan, they sound similar to a window air conditioning unit, which most of us have heard at one time or another. With that said, you want to pay attention to a portable air conditioners decibel rating (dB level) which is located on each product description page. Most units fall anywhere between 48 dB (which is the same noise level as falling rain) and 60 dB (which is the same noise level as a normal conversation).

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