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A Buyer's Guide to Purchasing Portable Air Conditioners in Bulk Amounts

Many larger companies often inquire about bulk price discounts. We are able to offer such discounts any time we are able to “pallet” these units. That typically means orders of 6+. When we are able to use our freight companies to ship on pallets, we are able to save more money than by shipping the units individually. These savings can then be passed on to a potential customer in the form of a per-unit discount.

We sell multi-unit deals to schools, universities, churches, and major corporations, just to name a few examples. A lot of questions about our portable AC units involve the coverage that these units provide. The largest portable AC we carry, which is a 14,000 BTU, covers up to 550 square feet. You always want to have more BTUs to cover a large area.

Common Mistakes

The most common mistake people make is forgetting to factor in the number of occupants in a space. It is hard to predict the number of people that are going to be in the intended cooling area, and people add “heat load” when they are congregated. For this reason, if a potential customer is looking to cool down a larger area, we suggest purchasing more than one unit to increase the BTU output.

Another common mistake buyers make is when purchasing our portable air conditioners that have a heating element, they assume this feature can be used as central heating. Because central air is so expensive to put into a new building, customers think this is a less expensive way to heat their facility. In actuality, this heating feature works much like a personal heater, just for a slightly larger space.

Other Applications

Another area that we see bulk portable air conditioner purchases is for companies looking to cool down a server room. We have a great unit, the AP14009COM that is intended for these rooms. Because these are basically the same size and weight of our other units, we can again sell these in larger quantities and pass the savings on to our single-unit customers.

Suggested Accessories

Our portable air conditioners all come with the accessories needed to make sure the unit works and vents properly. The vent hose and window connectors are included in the price. Other accessories that we see being sold are the drop ceiling vent kits. Server rooms and other office buildings mostly use drop ceilings, making this the most practical way of exhausting the air out of the room. We also suggest that a customer order the 5 pack of carbon filters per each unit. This will give them enough filters to last a year.

The Bottom Line

Compact Appliance specializes in portable air conditioner sales, and we work to do all we can to ensure organizations get exactly what they need. We are able to provide them better pricing based on a savings in shipping. We always have inventory, which makes us a very popular landing spot for people looking for multiple portable air conditioners. For bulk pricing, give our product experts a call at 1.800.297.6076.

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