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Portable Air Conditioners Filtration Options

When comparing different portable air conditioner options, you may find it beneficial to assess what filter options are available for which units. It may be that the health benefits of a portable air conditioner with a silver ion filter will relieve your allergies while cooling. Or you may want to keep musty odors or the chemical smells of common household cleaners away with a carbon filter. There’s also an antimicrobial filter option that rids your area of mold and mildew. Whatever your needs, different filter options allow your portable air conditioner to be multi-purpose.


First, it’s important to know that almost all portable air conditioners come standard with pre-filters, which reduce large-sized microbes, dust and pet hair. You can wash and reuse these pre-filters and it’s rare that they need to be changed. So why do you need other filters? The cleaning benefits of pre-filters are minimal as they only capture the largest microbes in the air. They’re also not an effective solution for asthma and allergy sufferers, nor do they remove undesirable odors from the air. For cleaner air, you will want to consider a different option.

Silver Ion Filters

Silver ion filters, like those offered for the EdgeStar AP12001S, effectively create an allergy and asthma friendly environment by purifying and cleaning the air. Silver ion filters are very effective at eliminating bacteria and impeding the growth of microbes such as spores, viruses and fungi. They do so by destroying the bacteria cell's inner configuration and absorbing the cell's elements to ensure that the bacteria cell won't harm the air surrounding it. In addition, silver ion filters remove pet dander, dust and pollen from the air creating breathable, comfortable pure air. It is recommended that you replace the silver ion filter in your AP12001S every three to six months to keep your unit cooling and cleaning to its fullest potential.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filters chemically absorb contaminants, impurities and light odors from the air. Users who smoke, have pets, or who want to rid the air of chemical smells such as those found in common household cleaners, will be well-served by operating a portable air conditioner with a carbon filter. These filters cannot be reused, but they are replaceable and are affordably offered in packs of five.

Antimicrobial Air Filters

Antimicrobial air filters inhibit the growth of some microorganisms while completely ridding the air of others. Antimicrobial filters have a unique microstructure and electrostatic charge that capture dust, lint, smoke, mold, mildew and pollen. The electrostatic charge draws in more microorganisms from the air than just a standard filter, and the complex matrix of fibers keeps these airborne particles trapped in the filter. Thus, using an antimicrobial filter will help you maintain a clean household with pure airflow. You can wash or vacuum antimicrobial filters, but the purifying benefits are reduced each time you do so. The electrostatic charge will wear off over time, so it is recommended that you change the filter approximately every three months.

3M Air Filters

Similarly, 3M air filters possess an electrostatic charge and complex microstructure that capture dust, lint, smoke, mold, mildew and pollen. The 3M air filter is a less costly option than the antimicrobial air filter, but it is also less effective at capturing smaller microbes. You will still enjoy purified air with a high airflow and be able to maintain a clean and allergy friendly home.

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