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Heat and Humidity: The Dreaded Dynamic Duo

Without a sufficient cooling option, excessive heat can be bothersome. But even beyond that, heat and humidity together can be downright miserable. Based out of Texas, we know this better than almost anyone. That is precisely why all of the portable air conditioners we sell on our site dehumidify as they cool, leaving your air cool, dry and comfortable. We also have quite a few models that have a Dehumidify Only option. That way, if heat is no longer an issue but humidity still is, your portable air conditioner dehumidifier can still be of use.

Drier Air is Cleaner Air

Moisture in your air can be bad for your allergies as well as your general health. Humidity can foster the growth of mold spores, bacteria, dust mites and other airborne contaminates. If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, you know the importance of keeping your air free from humidity. One more reason it is important to have a dehumidifying portable air conditioner.

Self-Evaporative Technology

One of the biggest hassles of a dehumidifier is dealing with collected moisture in the unit. Due to the innovative design of many of the portable air conditioners we sell, the moisture is exhausted from the unit without any manual draining required. If this is important to you, be sure to look for the term “Self-Evaporative” when searching for your portable air conditioner. In cases of extreme humidity, however, some moisture may collect in a reservoir in the unit. Because of today’s helpful technology, your portable air conditioner will shut off if the reservoir becomes full, preventing the possibility of leaks. In this case, there are other draining options. You can either drain the collected moisture through the gravity drain or manually empty the full reservoir.

Whether moisture in your air is a small nuisance or an issue that affects your health, a cooling unit with dehumidifying capabilities could be precisely what you need. With dehumidification capacities ranging from 30 to 96 pints of moisture per day, we have a portable air conditioner perfect for your cooling and dehumidifying needs.

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