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Portable Air Conditioners vs. Window Air Conditioners

Whether you are looking for an air conditioner to be the primary source of cooling for your bedroom, living room or even office, it is important to consider what type of cooling system will best fit your needs and restrictions. The two primary concerns when selecting an air conditioner are the size of the room you are trying to cool and where the unit will be installed. When looking to cool a small space, the most popular types of air conditioners available will be window air conditioners and portable air conditioners, both of which cater to different installation constraints and functionality requirements.

Is a Portable Air Conditioner or a Window Air Conditioner the right unit for me?

Prior to making your purchase, it is important to consider the unique advantages that are offered by a portable air conditioner as well as some of the long standing benefits provided by a window air conditioner. Portable air conditioners are ideal for the person who prefers an easy temporary installation and wants to avoid blocking an entire window. Most portable units are also set on casters, allowing the units to be moved easily amongst several rooms. There are several regulations from homeowner associations and housing ordinances that will not allow the installation of window air conditioners due to obstruction and concerns of safety. A portable air conditioner provides the perfect option for someone facing these regulations and alleviates a lot of the safety concerns caused by a window air conditioner.

If the space you have allotted for your window or portable air conditioner is minimal and a determining factor in which type of unit you choose, then it is likely that a window air conditioner is more suitable. Although portable air conditioners are compact and designed to conserve space, window air conditioners are stored entirely outside of your living space. Additionally, though both window and portable air conditioners are more efficient than central cooling systems, window air conditioners utilize the energy they consume more efficiently and are able generate more cooling power per BTU. Another factor to consider when deciding between a window and portable air conditioners is level of noise produced during operation. When comparing the two types of units, they both tend to produce a similar range of noise and neither can be determined quieter than the other. Portable air conditioners are classified by a dB (decibel) rating. If noise is a concern, you will want to choose a unit with a low dB rating.

Central AC alternatives like these can do more than cool your home, they can also help alleviate energy costs. For more information on how a portable air conditioner does this, read our How To Lower Your Energy Bills With A Portable Air Conditioner article.

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