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Top 10 Cities for a Portable Air Conditioner

Over the years, we’ve seen portable air conditioners produce some interesting geographical trends. Although they are being used nationwide, some areas, it seems, tend to use portable air conditioners more than others. Perhaps it’s the cities’ climates or their infrastructure, but from Seattle to Philly, portable air conditioners are keeping people cool, comfortable and under budget. Here are the top 10:

10. Seattle, Washington

When temperatures rise, portable air conditioners allow Seattle residents to retreat inside their homes even without central air conditioning. Since a portable air conditioner also serves as a dehumidifier, they are quickly gaining admirers all over the Pacific northwest.

9. Washington, DC

Temperatures in the capitol city can get brutally hot during the summer months. Since most residents live in a small space, portable air conditioners are becoming the go-to option for their air conditioning needs.

8. Chicago, Illinois

Portable air conditioners are great for cooling small spaces, which is one of the many reasons the people of Chicago are turning to them to keep cool during those sweltering summer months. The versatility and mobility of a portable air conditioner make it a popular choice in the Windy City.

7. Denver, Colorado

Denver has become a popular destination for summer homes or vacations. Those spending only a few months there are finding portable air conditioners the efficient and cost effective way to stay cool during Denver’s hot summers.

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Although many associate Minneapolis with frigid temperatures, those who live there can attest that the summer months can be the extreme opposite. As urban living gains popularity in the twin cities, portable air conditioners are becoming the go-to choice for beating the summer heat.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

Residents of Boston know that when a heat wave hits, it hits with a vengeance. The high temperatures and humid air make portable air conditioners the perfect solution to cool and dehumidify the many homes lacking a central air system.

4. Los Angeles, California

Most homes in Los Angeles already have a central air conditioning system, but portable air conditioners offer supplemental cooling. Many LA residents use a portable air conditioner to decrease energy costs during the summer heat.

3. San Diego, California

Although the temperature in San Diego is usually comfortable year round, many residents are turning to portable air conditioners for their energy efficiency. Also, many boat owners in San Diego keep the enclosed area of their watercraft comfortable with a portable air conditioner.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Much like New York City, Philadelphia residents are faced with living in older buildings that have no central air and regulations against window air units. Because of this, portable air conditioners are rising in popularity, especially during those summer heat waves.

1. New York, New York

Most apartment buildings in New York do not have central air conditioning and/or have restrictions against window air conditioning units. When the heat rises to unbearable temperatures, Manhattan city dwellers are finding that a portable air conditioner is a perfect solution to beat the heat.

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