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Top 10 Uses for a Portable Air Conditioner

You might wonder, what use would I have for a portable AC? Because of their many possible uses, this can be a hard question to answer. When it comes to versatility, portable air conditioner can give even duct tape a run for its money. To make it a little easier to explain, we’ve managed to narrow it down to some of the best and most common portable air conditioner applications. Here are the top 10:

1. Window Restrictions: Not all windows are made the same

Sometimes a window air conditioner is not always the best cooling solution for your room. The problem with window AC’s is that they are made for a standard window type. If you have anything other than the standard or any window restrictions, they won’t work for you. A portable air conditioner can be installed in any size window no matter the shape and size. You could also take windows out of the equation and use a ceiling vent. Also, if you only have one window in your room, using a portable AC won’t block out your view or natural light like a window unit might.

2. Server Room Cooling: Keep Johnny Five Alive

If you work in IT you already know that the server room the nucleus of any company. It is necessary to provide 24/7 cooling and ventilation to avoid any possible malfunctions or the degradation of your computer equipment. A portable AC is a great option for a server room because it is cost effective and can provide spot cooling. You wouldn’t have run your entire system overnight. Many office central air conditioning units are often turned off for nights and weekends. A portable air conditioner can provide server room cooling during those AC down times. For server room cooling tips and suggestions, visit our server room cooling article.

3. RV Cooling: On the Road Again

The convenience and cost efficiency of a portable air conditioner is perfect for those who love to travel the country by RV. All you need is a small window or top vent in order to exhaust and you are ready to cool your entire RV.

4. Room Additions: DIY Drama

If you have recently added a room extension, sun porch, or made one room into two, you may need to find a solution to cooling it. The duct work and added renovations to your central air conditioning in order to cool your new addition can be a costly update. A portable air conditioner, easy and inexpensive to set up, is an excellent alternative.

5. Supplemental Spot Cooling

Some areas get more use than others. Your bedroom or whichever room you and your family tend to congregate in are good examples. It is especially important to help provide a comfortable environment for these areas. Increasing your home’s central unit for one space is not cost effective and can wear on your cooling system over time. Utilizing a portable air conditioner for this sort of spot cooling can decrease costs and provide some extra cooling for spaces that need a little extra.

6. Sliding Glass Door Venting

You may have a room in your home you are looking to cool, but the only opening to vent through is a sliding glass door. That is no problem for a portable AC. All you need is an easy-to-use sliding door vent kit. The sliding door kit includes a long panel that can lengthen to the height of a typical sliding door. When using a sliding door kit, it is important to remember that, once set up, the glass door will need to be kept closed, but that is small price to pay in exchange for a cool and comfortable room in the middle of a heat wave.

7. Boat: Smooth Sailing

If you are a boating enthusiast and love taking it out for long periods of time, a portable AC would be great for cooling your boat cabin. For those days when there are high temperatures and no break from the sun, providing cooling to your cabin can be simply blissful.

8. Cabin in the Woods

Vacation homes or cabins for camping are sometimes not well insulated or not installed with a central cooling system. Because it is portable like its name suggests, a portable air conditioner can be a great cooling option in these situations. You can store the unit at your vacation home or camping site or you can bring the unit with you when you go. This gives you the option to use it as home, as well.

9. Small Office: Unfit Working Conditions

If you have a small or home office, you know that the heat generated by computer equipment can make your office warmer than other rooms. A portable air conditioner is great for managing this bothersome heat and can help provide a cool and comfortable working environment. It can also help to lengthen the lifespan of computer equipment.

10. Party Cooling: Before Things get Heated

Portable air conditioners are an excellent source for supplemental cooling. Holidays, birthday, and maybe a poker game with friends are a good time, but as the room gets crowded, the temperature will rise. A portable AC unit can help alleviate the situation and cool down your room. Your home may already have a central air conditioning unit, but instead of cranking up your whole house, use a portable air conditioner to cool your party space.

With any portable air conditioner use, it is important to make sure you know how many BTUs are right for your situation. To learn more about BTUs and how to choose, read our educational BTU article.

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