Customer Testimonials

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So far they have impressed me with their overall approach to e-commerce. Their Web Site is excellent.

Blaine L. - GA

This is such an easy process. I REALLY like these folks, can highly recommend them and will use them again.

Alistair H. - MD

Easy shopping with expert information pictures of merchandise. Billing was easy

Robert S. - TN

Just wanted to say that your website is GREAT.  I appreciate the nice easy to use design and the great "Compare" feature.  Kudos to the designers.

Carol P. - WV

I am so pleased with the company, Compact Appliance. Prompt. Courteous. Professional. Could not ask for more. Oh...and very, very good price!

Cathy - AR

Shopping at CA was a wonderful experience. The product details were clear and thorough. The final price was easy to find. I would certainly shop here again.

Zachary M. - PA

Was a great buying experience, easy to find what I was looking for, and a great price.

Travis B. - IA

Very pleased with my purchase. Deliver was fast and professional

Ramonda F - IN

Great prices and selection. Would recommend.

Gene P. - TX

Compact Appliance has the best prices I could find, and I look forward to buying from them in the future!

Maggie B. - WA

This was my second order through Compact Apppliance. Both times the product was exactly what I wanted at a competitive price. Very satisfied.

Louis R. - GA

I want to thank you all again at for the great service. I am a very satisfied customer!

Stephen K. - CO