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Whole House Analog Humidifier

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AIRCARE Whole House Analog Humidifier

Maintain your desired humidity levels and stay comfortable with the AIRCARE Whole House Analog Humidifier (826000). This durable humidifier is perfect for spaces up to 2,300 square feet and is capable of emitting up to 7.22 gallons of water per day into your space. Humidifiers help sooth skin irritation and dryness, nasal irritation, sinus irritation, throat irritation and eye irritation. Adding moisture to your space will also reduce the amount of pet dander, along with other allergens.

The 826000's unique top-fill reservoir allows for the most convenient user maintenance, helping you spend more time doing what you enjoy, instead of fussing around. The top airflow design allows for this unit to be placed against a wall or corner, out of your way, so you have more room to enjoy while avoiding unnecessary clutter.

Auto shutoff feature: The 826000 will automatically shut off after reaching your desired humidity, or when the unit is empty
Quiet operation: Thanks to the 826000's three speed control, this humidifier will be sure not to disturb your activities while keeping the space comfortable
Easy mobility: This humidifier is easy to relocate or store, thanks to the unit's included four casters
Antimicrobial protection: This unit comes equipped with an antimicrobial Trapmax filter, which has greater absorbency, more moisture output and a longer lifespan

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