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Top Mount One Door Freezer

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    Atosa Top Mount One Door Freezer

    The Atosa Top Mounted One Door Freezer Unit ( MBF8001 ) is a heavy duty, professional freezer providing ample storage space for frozen food. Its impressive 22.46 cubic feet capacity can be re-arranged with the adjustable shelves and food trays to ensure maximum storage space, in the most efficient configuration for your kitchen.

    Capacity: With 22.46 cubic foot of space and 3 shelves, there is ample storage space for all prepared food and supplies

    Efficient Cooling: Highly effective compressor and ventilated refrigeration system ensure rapid cooling speeds

    Convenient Use: Solid swing door is self-closing, stays open, and comes with locks

    Highly Mobile: Comes fitted with a set of casters for easy movement through kitchen environment

    Tough Stainless Steel: Made with durable Stainless Steel for a longer service lifespan

    Polyurethane Insulation: Interior temperature is kept contained thanks to the thick polyurethane insulation within the walls and door