AtosaItem # bci3094013

Top Mount Three Door Freezer

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    Atosa Top Mount Three Door Freezer

    Boasting 69.5 cubic feet of storage space, the Atosa Top Mounted Three Swing Door Freezer ( MBF8003 ) provides an elegant and space-efficient solution to storing frozen goods. With its fast-freezing technology, produce can be quickly frozen, which is especially helpful for deadline-focused environments like restaurants and busy kitchens.

    Industrial Capacity: Featuring 71 cubic feet of space and 9 shelves, this freezer offers huge and flexible storage

    Sleek Design All Atosa freezers have ergonomic rounded corners, recessed handles and Stainless Steel exteriors

    Solid Doors: Door locks come as standard on these stay open, self-closing doors

    Certified Technology: All electronic parts are CE certified, and the freezer is NSF rated

    Galvanized Steel: Then back of this machine is made with galvanized steel for added protection

    Automatic Light And Ventilation System: Light automatically turns on once this freezer is opened - built with a high-functioning ventilation system to keep interior the perfect temperature