AtosaItem # bci3094024

Bottom Mount Two Glass Door Freezer

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    Atosa Bottom Mount Two Glass Door Freezer

    Keep large quantities of stock well preserved with this high-functioning freezer, ensuring you always have well-preserved foods on hand to meet the demands of a busy restaurant/canteen workplace. The MCF8703 is a tough machine, working with a bottom mounted compressors that can equally regulate the temperature of the 47.1 cubic feet area, which is easily controlled with a Dixell control system that changes the temperature digitally. Comes fitted with six shelves, each of which can withstand 155 lbs of weight - great for dealing with bulk. This freezer is very easy to access too, the two doors have been designed to stay open when you want them to, and automatically close with magnetic gaskets when you want them shut for less inconvenience while filling the freezer up. The doors contribute towards the insulation of this unit too. The polyurethane interior coating of the freezer prevents any cold air escaping, keeping operators comfortable when standing near it.

    Embraco Compressor: This freezer works with a bottom mounted commercial-grade Embraco compressor for heavy-duty freezing, helping it cope with surplus quantities of food and helping preserve all of it efficiently

    Strong Build: Both the interior and the exterior of this freezer are made up of Stainless Steel - keeping the freezer clean and helping it withstand years of use

    Easy Access: The doors have been designed to be as ergonomic as possible with magnetic gaskets keeping the door shut while working, a safety lock preventing accidental leaks, stay-open design and a recessed handle for comfortable operation

    Very Mobile: Comes pre-installed with a set of four 4 casters which allow you to move the apparatus around your area of work to wherever it is most needed

    Plenty Of Storage: Fitted with six large shelves, each of which can hold a total weight of 155 lbs

    User Friendly Temperature Controls: Fitted with an easy to use Dixell digital temperature control panel, which allows you full control over the intensity of the freezing process and the time required for freezing

    Clear View: The super insulating twin-doors provide a window to look through to allow monitoring of the frozen food - an interior LED lighting system provides an even more comprehensive view