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Bottom Mount Two Sliding Glass Door Refrigerator

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    Atosa Bottom Mount Two Sliding Glass Door Refrigerator

    To keep on top of vast quantities of food and drink supplies for your business, you'll need a heavy-duty machine capable of preserving and cooling everything to provide the longest lifespan possible. Introducing the MCF8709 glass door refrigerator from Atosa - featuring 1/2 HP bottom mount compressor units, 45 cubic feet of space, six sturdy racks that can hold loads of up to 155 lbs each and a thick layer of polyurethane insulation. This machine is also easy to control and easy to access. The controls are user-friendly Dixell temperature controls which are easy to understand and operate. The doors of this unit add to the enhanced insulation of cold air - providing thick glass which keeps the air in and also provides a view of the food or drink inside. This is perfect for enticing customers. Opening the refrigerator is also easy - the doors slide open and close automatically thanks to the inclusion of powerful magnetic gaskets built into the door. For abundant storage, produce preservation, user-friendly design and potential advertising opportunities, your best choice in workplace refrigeration is Atosa.

    1/2 HP Compressors: Bottom mounted compressors that work in tandem to create a uniform temperature throughout the entire unit cavity - no area left untreated

    Made With Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel construction or exterior and interior, with the back of the machine being made up of galvanized steel

    Easy Sliding Door Access: Simple to open and access the food and drink within - automatically shuts itself with its magnetic gaskets

    Can Be Moved With Casters: The unit has a set of four 4 casters installed on the bottom in order to make it easier to roll the apparatus from one area to another - ensuring it's always in the best possible position

    Plenty Of Space: Contains six shelves in total - each shelf can hold a maximum weight of 155 lbs to help accommodate bulk

    Simple Temperature Controls: With the on-board Dixell digital temperature controls, you have complete control over temperature, which makes preserving specific food and drinks easy to plan for

    Insulation: High-density polyurethane is used to provide this unit with heavy duty insulation when the doors have been secured