AtosaItem # bci3094035Discontinued

27" Two Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator


Atosa 27" Two Drawer Undercounter Refrigerator

This convenient drawer refrigerator fits perfectly under any counter, allowing for quick and easy access to well-preserved, low temperature stock. This fridge unit is fitted with casters, and is designed with very compact dimensions, which allows it to serve the purposes of any dining business while seamlessly fitting anywhere with little effort. The fridge has a total capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, and is very well suited to storing large amounts of small foods. The drawers slide open easily with the recessed handle on each drawer - with a smooth sliding open thanks to the Compex slide rail system in place for each drawer. Entire apparatus is made up of durable Stainless Steel, keeping it from getting dirty and guaranteeing the owner many years of service.

Very Well Insulated: The interior of each drawer, and the apparatus in general, is coated with hyper insulting polyurethane, which helps keep cold air contained and prevent a drop in performance

Embraco Compressor: This unit is fitted with a heavy duty compressor from Embraco, which plays a crucial part in creating a consistent temperature throughout the entire cavity of each drawer

Very Compact: This compact design allows the refrigerator fit under practically any countertop and the low clearance means it won't interfere with any other appliances in the kitchen

Tough Materials: The polyurethane coating is set in place to complement the sturdy Stainless Steel interior - the entire exterior of the fridge is Stainless Steel also

Easy Sliding Drawers: The Compex slide system, coupled with the ergonomic recessed handles, makes opening the drawers of this fridge easy, with no sticking - securely shuts itself with magnetic gaskets and can be kept shut with a built-in safety lock

Easy To Move: This machine comes with a set of caster wheels that allow it to be moved around easier, allowing it to best serve your workplace by being easily stationed anywhere in the kitchen or outdoors for catering