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Avanti: Your Best Choice for Consumer Appliances

For over 44 years, Avanti has been a stronghold in the consumer appliance industry, supplying the market with space-saving products that accommodate almost any room in need. The internationally recognized brand has built a reputation around their appliances by offering innovative designs with convenient features—all an affordable price that can’t be resisted. Avanti is partnered with over 7,000 retailers throughout North, Central and South America to ensure that consumers around the world can take advantage of their intuitive designs. From compact refrigerators and dishwashers to combo kitchens and laundry essentials, Avanti’s expansive product line is sure to have everything you are looking for.

When it comes to refrigeration, this brand offers a multitude of models in many different types and sizes so you can choose the best unit for your space. Avanti’s compact, energy-efficient fridges feature anywhere from 1.7 to 10.2 cubic feet of storage to ensure there’s plenty of room for your favorite refreshments.

Their selection of advanced wine coolers and beverage centers feature stylish designs that complement any room or style of décor. Avanti’s wine chillers are specifically designed to maintain the ideal conditions for your collection, while their beverage coolers are capable of reaching temperatures in the mid 30’s (°F) to chill your beers, soda and other drinks to the coldest possible degree without freezing.

Whether it’s for red and white wines or a mixture of beer, wine and soda, Avanti offers an assortment of dual zone coolers that allow you to store a combination of beverages. These units are equipped with multiple climate zones, each fitted with a digital display control panel, so you can individually cool temperature-sensitive drinks within the same unit. Invest in one of Avanti’s advanced beverage coolers or wine chillers to supplement your kitchen space with an appliance that’s dedicated to quenching thirst.

If you have ever lived in a college dorm or stayed at a popular hotel chain, then you’ve probably seen one of Avanti’s space-conscious combination fridges. With a focus on creating high-quality appliances that optimize as much room possible, these multifunctional refrigeration units are the quintessence of versatility. Avanti’s micro fridge combos are the perfect choices for students entering their first year of college. With a microwave already attached, these units allow you to conveniently store and heat dishes all in one place.

While many of the brand’s refrigerators are engineered with compressor-based cooling systems, some of their models utilize superconductor heat-pipe refrigeration technology. Superconductor systems are free from CFCs which make them environmentally friendly, and only cost pennies to operate. They are even equipped with automatic defrost systems to minimize user maintenance.

Supply your home or business with the extra storage that you’ve always needed with one of Avanti’s chest or vertical freezers. Featuring widths as slim as 17 inches, these reliable models are the ideal contenders for apartments, office kitchens and more. You can hold a seemingly endless supply of frozen food despite the compact footprints, with up to 8.6 cubic feet of bulk storage. When you purchase a freezer from Avanti, you know you’re receiving a product of great value and the highest quality.

Whether you need a built-in dishwasher, portable kegerator or countertop wine cooler, Avanti offers a range of high-efficiency appliances that tailor to every aspect of your home. The company strives to manufacture affordable, world-class products with convenient features that simplify their customers’ lives. Choose from Avanti’s freestanding, built-in or countertop configurations and find the perfect unit to fit any space.