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Keep Your Drinks Cold & Customers Happy Using Bar Refrigeration

Commercial bar refrigeration is an essential element for any bar and restaurant looking to serve fresh, cold drinks to their patrons. Direct draw beer dispensers hold anywhere from 1 to 4 half-barrel kegs, allowing you to serve a variety of beers on draft. Back bar beverage refrigerators and deep well bottle coolers are meant for storing bottled and canned beverages. Back bar units feature either swinging or sliding front-facing doors while deep well bottle coolers feature top-loading sliding doors. Essentially all bar refrigeration units are UL Listed and NSF Approved, making them ideal for the wear and tear typical of commercial settings. Available in black or stainless steel exteriors, you can match components for a cohesive look and feel behind your bar.

Past the exterior color or material, and regardless which type of door they use, back bar refrigeration has a lot of different types of units that provide a variety of different services. It is important to take into account the nature of your bar in order to determine which type of refrigeration you might want to utilize. And, with top brands in the industry like True and Turbo Air, you are sure to find the exact right unit to fit your needs.

Keep a Keg Handy

Kegerators are essentially refrigerators that have been outfitted to fit and dispense beer through a keg. In this way you can keep your kegs in a refrigerated space and still have a CO2 connection to pressurize and dispense beer. With this setup, your beer can stay carbonated and fresh for months at a time. You can find kegerators that can have up to four taps and can accommodate just as many kegs. Some kegerators come equipped with castors so that they can be moved around and placed nearly anywhere in a bar. This added level of portability is a fantastic feature because generally kegs are hard to move around since they’re so heavy and unwieldy.

Back Bar Cooling

In a bar setting convenience is necessity in a lot of areas, especially when it comes to getting customers cold, refreshing drinks. This being the case means that the back bar cooler you stock is an extremely important appliance in your bar setting. Luckily there are a lot of different kind of back bar coolers out there today. Some have solid doors, some are huge capacities, and some are more compact; whatever you’re looking for in a bar cooler, you’re liable to find something that meets your needs. We carry models from top brands like True and Turbo Air.

A lot of back bar cooling units utilize solid, swinging doors. These are popular because the insulation is generally unmatched. However, swinging or sliding glass doors are also fairly popular since it allows employees and customers alike to easily view stored products. A lot of times units with glass doors will sport double-paned glass doors that still offer superior insulation, helping you ensure your drinks and food stay the proper serving temperature.

Some back bar units are front-breathing which allows them to be stored or installed in a number of different environments. This versatility when it comes to placement comes into play pretty frequently when deciding which refrigeration unit for your bar you’d like to purchase. The more places a unit can be installed, the less of a headache you’ll have allocating space in your bar. Some back bar cooling units have refrigerated spaces for drinks and food as well as a kegerator section with space for a keg and a functioning tap tower. These are some of the most convenient and efficient back bar fridges on the market.

Frost & Chill with the Best

It’s expected for a bar to have cold cans and bottles of beer, but if you want your establishment to go the extra mile, try investing in glass or plate chillers as well. These refrigeration units are specifically designed keep various plates and beverage containers cold and chilled. After all, more impressive than a cold beer poured perfectly is one served in a chilled or frosted glass. And if you’re serving desserts out to customers at the bar, make sure that you plate that slice of cheesecake on a cool, clean piece of dinnerware. An undercounter chilling unit makes sure your customers will be impressed with your food and drink as well as the plate and glassware they’re served in. Just like other refrigeration units these chillers will often have wire shelves or bin dividers for easy storage and management of plates and glassware.

Merchandise the Most

It’s not rare for a bar to be judged by its selection of drinks available. Invest in a large, freestanding merchandiser to make sure that there is always a great number of different beverages of all kinds on hand. These large units can hold impressive amounts of bottles and cans in a variety of different displays. And these merchandisers come in a number of different sizes. Some have a single, sliding or swinging door and some have as many as three. Regardless of how many doors a bar merchandiser might have, they are all glass doors, since it’s important for customers to be able to see the contents. A neat thing that bar merchandisers have that a normal beverage fridge is missing is an ad panel. This is generally a back-lit panel or banner that can be used to help promote the various stored beverages held within the merchandiser.

Keep Drinks Cold & Customers Happy With Commercial Bar Refrigeration

Whether you’re looking for modest or large-scale beverage storage, the bar refrigeration that is perfect for your business is out there. All you have to do is put in a little bit of research to determine which units will fit into your bar or restaurant the most appropriately. With things like back-bar merchandisers, glass and plate chillers, commercial kegerators, and more, outfitting your dream bar with the appropriate refrigeration appliances from the top brands in the industry has never been easier.