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500 Series 27 Inch Built-In Trim Kit for Microwaves - Stainless Steel

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Bosch 500 Series 27 Inch Built-In Trim Kit for Microwaves - Stainless Steel

The Bosch 500 Series Trim Kit for Microwaves (HMT5751) gives your microwave a more modern and outstanding appearance , great for complementing the modern décor of any kitchen. The stainless steel material isn't just for show either; it is highly efficient at keeping food debris from building up on your Bosch microwave window. The material is also great for withstanding general wear too, helping reinforce your microwave and improve its longevity. Get a striking look and an improved life-span for your microwave with this trim kit from Bosch.

Durable Material: The silver stainless steel metal construction of this trim makes it great for deterring messes from the front of you microwave without obscuring the view through the microwave window

Striking Appearance: Brings a striking modern flair to your kitchen, making this both a highly functional accessory and a fashionable one

Easy To Install: Simply click it in place to the front of your microwave for a quick and easy installation. Instructions are provided

Compatible With Bosch Microwaves: This trim may not fit to other brands of microwaves , the design was with Bosch microwaves in mind only


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