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Bosch: A History of Quality Engineering

Since 1886, Bosch has been a force in engineering. It all began with Robert Bosch, who, in that year, created a workshop for precision electrical engineering. He believed that honest workmanship trumped temporary gain, and this is the foundation on which the company operates—even 130 years later. Bosch saw rapid expansion: in the 1920s, the corporation (and its more than 10,000 employees) began making not just motor vehicle and industrial technologies, but also home appliances—a luxury usually only found in large households or commercial operations. In 1933, Bosch’s first home appliance appeared in Germany. A small electric refrigerator with a capacity of 60 liters, ready to keep and store home groceries fresh. Almost 20 years later in 1949, Bosch launched a refrigerator with a now classic design. These streamlined refrigerators offered sensible fridge space and a large freezer compartment, making it perfect for the average consumer, paving the way for a plethora of attractive and useful electrical appliances. Over the coming decades, kitchens saw their countertops filled with machines that could stir, knead, chop, shred, and grate, while laundry rooms began to see consumer washing machines. These were closely followed by dishwashers, egg boilers, electric toothbrushes—you name it. Bosch continued to grow into a giant of industry, creating and improving upon home appliances that all worked toward assisting the busy homeowner in their day to day existence.

Now, Bosch remains a massive global company. Its designs are still top of the line, with eye-catching chrome and stainless steel colors adorning fridges, ovens, dishwashers, and more that all fit seamlessly into modern spaces. For the modern era, Bosch truly is a manufacturer of quality home appliances for the discerning home. Its smoothed bezels and rounded edges make sure that style is never far behind function.

Transform Your Kitchen with Bosch Appliances

Transform your kitchen with any number of Bosch appliances. Take, for instance, their microwaves. These humble machines are clad in glinting metals that surround black view windows for a breathtaking combination. They’re powerful, too. Both over-the-range and built-in models feature ample space and wattage for quick cooking and reheating.

Bosch’s cooktops follow suit. The gas cooktops arrive in various widths and burner counts, with clean black grates poised atop recessed stainless steel surfaces. Meanwhile, the electric cooktops are black, clean horizontal expanses with geometric patterns that indicate burners of various widths and sizes. Both electric touchpads and traditional knobs may adorn these clean, black, slates, ready to evenly cook and heat your pots and pans of any size. Bosch’s wall ovens naturally pair well with these cooktops. The wall ovens feature the same black glass and stainless steel frame, with models that offer European convection cooking and single or two-oven form factors.

If you’d prefer a full range, Bosch has you covered. Their 800 series of ranges come in gas, electric, and dual-fuel models that are perfect no matter your cooking needs. These 30-inch models fit in neatly next to existing cabinets, ready to cook anything you throw at it.

No matter what sort of Bosch appliance you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered at Compact Appliance. Take a look at our wide selection of beautiful Bosch appliances and find something perfect for your home today.