BSG HandCraftItem # bci3115344

Beer and Wine Hydrometer

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    BSG HandCraft Beer and Wine Hydrometer

    Whether you're making wine or brewing beer, the BSG HandCraft Triple Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer (6800) is exactly what you need to take your hobby to the next level. 10 inches in length, this hydrometer features a triple scale readout to measure sugar content, potential ABV and specific gravity.

    • What's Included:

      The BSG HandCraft 6800 comes with a set of instructions, one glass hydrometer, and a packing tube and cap for safe storage when not in use

    • Balling:

      The Balling scale is a measurement of the concentration of dissolved solids (0 - 38%), in regards to potential alcohol strength of beer or wine

    • Potential ABV:

      Use the Triple Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer to measure the percent of alcohol in your beer, or alcohol by volume (0 - 22%)

    • Specific Gravity:

      This unit can also measure the density of your beer or wine (0.990 - 1.170), allowing you to figure how much sugar has been converted into alcohol