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Video Guide to Portable Air Conditioners


Portable Air Conditioners Video Guide

Watch the video quick guides below to learn how to get the most out of your portable air conditioner purchase. There are lots of portable air conditioners on the market - learn how to choose the portable AC that's right for your needs.

Introduction to Portable Air Conditioners (Length: 3:48)
A quick guide to what portable air conditioners are and how they work.
How to Choose A Portable Air Conditioner (Length: 2:21)
A quick guide on portable air conditioner features and functions to consider before choosing a model.
A Detailed Look At Specific Portable Air Conditioner Features (Length: 2:10)
A quick guide about portable air conditioner, fan, heater, dehumidifier and
filtration features.
Overview of Control Panel, Temperature Panel and Remote Control (Length: 0:35)
A quick guide into what the control panel, temperature panel and remote control looks like.
Single Hose vs Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners (Length: 2:07)
A quick guide to what exactly the differences are between dual hose and single hose models.
Portable Air Conditioner Heat Pump Feature (Length: 0:34)
A quick guide to what the portable air conditioner heater functionality is all about.
Using Portable Air Conditioners in Office and Server Room Settings (Length: 0:58)
A quick guide to what to look for in a portable air conditioner when used in an office or server room setting.
Installing a Portable Air Conditioner (Length: 0:41)
A quick guide to how to successfully install a portable air conditioner window
vent kit.
Portable Air Conditioners Vs. Window Air Conditioners (Length: 0:39)
A quick guide to why purchasing a portable air conditioner may make more sense than buying a window air conditioner.