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Types Of Air Purifiers & Air Cleaners


An air purifier is simply an appliance that draws in air from the room with a fan, cleans that air in some way with a filter or some other device, and then sends that cleaned air back out through the room. Types of air purifiers are usually defined based on how each unit goes about cleaning the air.

Absorption type air purifiers use a type of filter that is porous so that airflow is exposed to a relatively large surface area. These types of filters are usually composed of activated carbon or zeolite and are good for absorbing various types of chemicals. Tobacco smoke and odors can be absorbed with these filters. However, since these filters are porous and allow air to flow through them these filters do not remove particles.

Very fine filters that can screen incoming air are the best at removing particles from the air. A HEPA or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter is able to remove at least 99.77% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers in diameter. Composed of a mat of randomly arranged fibers, these types of screen filters are very effective against airborne particles.

Finally, some air purifiers also electrically charge airborne particles and are known as ionizers. The way this works is that the purifier charges the particles in the air and then attracts these particles to its oppositely charged collection plate or grid. These collection plates or grids need to be cleaned routinely as dust and other particles build up. These air purifiers are also commonly known as ionizers.