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Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set

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Cal Flame Deep Fryer Accessories Helper Set

The Cal Flame BBQ09902 deep fryer helper set includes an oil receptacle that can be installed onto any Cal G=Flame grill, two baskets for dipping into the oil, two hangers for the baskets and a removable lid. This kit allows convenient deep fat frying outdoors with easy access and comfortable operation. For added safety, each baskets is fitted with a long, rubberized handle to reduce the risk of spitting oil hurting the user. The entire set can also be easily cleaned and drained, thanks to the removable lid and the easy-access valve at the front for safely draining oil after use. Make your Cal Flame grill a multi-purpose machine with this highly convenient upgrade.

What's Included:Kit features: an oil receptacle that installs right into a Cal Flame outdoor grill, two Stainless Steel wire baskets, two hangers for the baskets and a lid for covering up the oil

Rock-Solid Materials:This kit is of an all Stainless Steel construction, including the wire baskets, to help it deal with boiling oil and wear and tear from frequent use

Safe Operation:Each basket has a long handle to help users keep their distance from the boiling oil, and also rubber handles that act as effective heat retardants for comfortable use for long periods of time. A lid can also be closed while there is still oil inside to stop oil from spitting at the user

Easy Cleaning:Oil can be drained easily with a handy valve at the front of the installation, which safely bleeds all of the used oil out ready for refilling - the lid is removable, making it easy to keep it clean spat oil and other food debris

Cleans Food:Two hangers that are installed within this kit not only act as great storage for the included baskets, but they also drain excess fat from the foods you've fried, so that they aren't dripping with excess fat when served

Compatible With Cal Flame Products:This deep fryer is easily installed with an outdoor Cal Flame grill and acts as an upgrade, providing additional cooking options to those who are hosting barbeques. NOTE: This product may not be installed on non-Cal Flame grills, as it was designed solely for use with Cal Flame grills

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