Save Big with Energy Star Appliances

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has recently announced a $300 million Federal program known as "Cash For Appliances." In summary, the program works to conserve natural resources by providing   incentives to those who replace older appliances with Energy Star appliances. What this means for you the consumer is the potential to save big on energy efficient appliances.

How the Cash for Appliances Program Works

The Cash for Appliances program is administered differently based on the state or U.S. territory that you live in. Appliances that qualify and requirements necessary for rebate eligibility are different according to each state's program guidelines. The below product categories have Energy Star rated products that qualify for the Cash for Appliance program.


Refrigerators Clothes washers Dishwashers Air conditioners


Rebate amounts are awarded based on the amount of funding allocated per state. Most rebates fall within a range of $25 to $200 for qualifying appliances. Please note that each state program is unique and certain products or product categories may not qualify in certain states. Remember, each state has specific guidelines concerning the number and type of appliances that qualify, necessary forms and receipts for submission as well as online versus in-store purchases. Please refer to the links below for more information.


Remember, the Cash for Appliances program not only helps you save money on new energy efficient appliances, but it's also an important initiative to help protect our environment.